The GMO-Network in Norway works for freedom of choice for consumers and farmers

The network will help to maintain a restrictive practice towards GMOs in Norway in a situation where legislation and business are under pressure. We will through information and other measures, help to spread this precautionary approach to GMOs. The network wishes to build alliances internationally to establish food sovereignty, including the right to reject GMOs in food and feed.

Organizations affiliated with the network:

  • Biodynamic Association Norway
  • COOP Norway
  • Debio – control body organicproduction
  • Denofa AS
  • Farmers Markets Norway
  • Federation of Norwegian Agricultural Co-operatives
  • Friendsofthe Earth Norway
  • Greenpeace Norway
  • Nature and Youth (Young Friends of the Earth Norway)
  • Norwegian Beekeepers’ Association
  • Norwegian Farmers’ Union
  • Norwegian Rural Youth
  • Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union
  • Organic Norway
  • REMA 1000 Norway
  • SPIRE- Youth organization -The Development Fund
  • The Development Fund – Norway
  • The Norwegian Society of Rural Women

From our political platform
The need for more knowledge
Genetic engineering differs from traditional breeding and processing in both radicalism and pace. This calls for a precautionary approach to GMOs. More independent research on long-term consequences for the environment and human health is necessary.

Adverse effects on the environment and conventional/organic farming
The network is not against GMOs in general, but against the GMOs on the market today. In our opinion, they have adverse effects on the ecological system and cause unacceptable trouble for conventional and organic farming.

Ensure freedom of choice for consumers and farmers
All GMOs obtained from genomic techniques, including gene-editing, must fall within the scope of the Norwegian GMO-legislation. As such, it is vital they continue to be required to undergo a thorough risk assessment and approval procedure before they can be marketed for food and/or feed use. Moreover, traceability and labelling of products produced using these techniques must guarantee consumers’ right to know and freedom of choice.